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    tools on top of a dusty fireplace

    From Ashes to Elegance: Step into History with a Remarkable 100-Year-Old Fireplace Restoration

    The house painters had the privilege of painting the interior of a historic home that boasted 6 fireplaces.  Over the homes 100-year history the fireplaces provided a centerpiece of warmth and comfort, and a valuable piece of architectural beauty. However, the passage of time took its toll on five of these magnificent structures, which were repainted leaving 1 in need of restoration. In this article, we will explore the process of restoring this 100-year-old fireplace, ensuring its longevity, and reviving its former glory, but also updating it for modern convenance.

    fireplace before being sanded with white door and window
    fireplace before being sanded with intricate features

    Assessing the Condition

    The fireplace had seen better days. Scratches, dings, dents and dust covered the entire fireplace. During the restoration process the house painters were mindful of the history of the fireplace and that all the imperfections told an incredible story. Our goal was to preserve the uniqueness of the fireplace by not making it perfect again, but rather protect it and for future stories to be added.

    fireplace before being sanded
    fireplace before being sanded with intricate features

    Cleaning and Sanding

    The first step in the restoration process was to protect the restored brick and newly installed fireplace. Following this every surface prepared using a combination of hand sanding and professional sanders with dust extraction. All the intricate details were meticulously prepared to achieve a beautiful surface for the re-varnishing process.

    sanded fireplace with white wooden window
    sanded fireplace

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    Restoring The Finishes

    The final step of this fireplace restoration process was the application of the varnish. Coat upon coat was applied to create the depth and protection that this historical piece deserved, and the results are breathtaking!

    fireplace with glossy reflective surface
    fireplace with glossy reflective surface


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