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    Before Exterior Painting

    From Boring Brown To WOW!

    Through exterior painting, this Herald Island property is transformed from boring brown to a modern combination of colours that is absolutely stunning.

    Auckland Exterior Painting

    On this exterior painting project the colours that were used were:

    Rollover or click on the targets to reveal the colour used.

    Herald Island House Painters

    Pukaki Half

    Mt Aspiring

    Pukaki Half

    Pukaki Double

    Often when the scaffolding comes down we have already finished painting & left. On this occasion, we were able to watch and video scaffold dismantling efficiency.

    At the end of a painting project, we have 100’s of before & after photos. In this short video, we have tried to condense it down to highlight the amazing effect colour can have. From boring brown to Wow!


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    Move the slider to reveal before & after photos.

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